This project was a YCN Awards brief from Action On Hearing Loss. They gave the brief to "Visualise hearing loss". I decided, instead of visualising through illustration, to visualise through experience.  I created a campaign whereby the audience, the public, would experience tinnitus by having their vision distorted. Mirrors, windows, glass have been distorted and warped so that their vision is no longer clear.

I wanted to reinforce the sense that, with tinnitus, your experience of the world is no longer the same. You can't even look at your own reflection, or look out of the window of a bus without distortion. I wanted to get the message across to how key these senses are, and that they need to be protected. 

I had a focus on social media (as tinnitus affects young people the most) as well as digital installations of my idea.
QR codes would link you to a page where you could order a pair of earphones. The idea being that the audience could go from first interaction with the campaign, to a platform where they could actually protect their hearing, within 30 seconds or so. I also wanted to include stories about those who suffer with tinnitus, in order to add a personal touch to the campaign. 
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