A brief from the New York agency Vault 49. They challenged us to 'bring life back into a brand.'
Beefeater is the world's most awarded gin, but also the least bought. You'll struggle to find it in anywhere that isn't a bar specialising in gin or cocktails. I wanted to find a way to bring Beefeater into 2018, whilst not forgetting their heritage.

I decided on a newsprint box to hold the bottle, which celebrated their accolades in headlines from history. This way, we are celebrating their past but doesn't dominate the design. The illustrative style of the bottle stems from the artist, Giancarlo Impiglia, an artist commissioned for the QE2, of which Beefeater was the only gin on board for it's maiden voyage. 

I took this illustrative style, and gave it a modern London twist. I wanted to capture the pace and diversity of the city whilst using this art deco stylisation of character. I think the outcome is a modern and exciting approach which celebrates the Beefeater name which has often been forgotten.  

Winner of 2018 Vault49 Student Design Award
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