'Redacted Pleasure' is a WIP campaign we are working on for Coco De Mer, a leading women's lingerie and intimacy brand in the UK. 

Coco de Mer is the brand that powers women to own/rediscover their sexuality and pleasure. For centuries, female sex and sensual pleasure has been removed from our view. Hidden, redacted, hushed up, or even plain destroyed.

In the 21st century - We as a brand are still, being censored for sharing our mission with everyone.

We believe that female pleasure should be celebrated not censored. The problem is, the Facebook algorithm is disapproving CDM advertisements, even when the ads are just pure copy because their website is classed as a porn site. They are struggling to drive traffic to their site, which is needed as their physical stores have shut due to Covid. Any mention of female pleasure seems to be removed or banned.

Redacted Pleasure is a campaign to highlight this bias within online algorithms. Using extracts from erotic literature which, at their time of creation, were banned burnt and censored, we want to show how messages of female intimacy have been redacted - using manipulated typography.

Taking the format of bookmarks and book covers, the designs are activated using Augmented Reality to hide and reveal the message using the branded gold texture to fill in the gaps. 

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